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Your 21 Day Healing Journey

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21 Days of Body, Mind and Emotional Healing with Brandon Bays

“There is a saying among healing teachers – “Your issues are in your tissues.” Trying to push down unpleasant memories or things that bother you is like trying to hold a beach ball under water. Healing occurs when you bring the issue to the surface to clear it and let it go. This is what Brandon Bays, internationally renowned teacher of cellular healing and founder of The Journey, facilitates in Your 21 Day Healing Journey – a 3-week programme where you take 15 minutes a day to focus on your own healing journey.” 

Your 21 Day Healing Journey is a powerful 3 week healing process covering Emotional, Mental and Physical healing where you will: 

• Get access to your suppressed and “unwanted” emotions 

• Get to the root cause and release emotional shutdowns 

• Forgive yourself on a deep level
• Release unhealthy vows and beliefs 

• Befriend your mind

• Undergo a process of DNA cleansing 

• Undergo a process of Chakra cleansing • and much, much more.. 

Your 21 Day Healing Journey is your perfect daily companion to help you release, clear and heal old emotional, mental and physical blocks and limitation. 

You will spend 21 days in the guidance of Brandon Bays, the founder of the life-transforming healing method, The Journey, as you together embark on a three-week immersion in grace, opening, transforming, and clearing the various areas of your life that most need healing. 

Even though your sessions will only be about 15 minutes each day, the prayer is that our time together becomes timeless and that you have a profound experience of healing through meditations, guided introspections, and healing process work. 

Together with Brandon you will embark on a divine experiment that will heal your lives on all levels, emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

The 21 days are divided into three parts:

  • The first week is dedicated to emotional healing. 
  • The second week we will dive into our mind talk and self-judgments, clearing them. 
  • The third week will be an immersion in physical healing. 


In the first seven days you will be learning to embrace your emotions, to befriend them, going through powerful process work to clear emotional shutdowns, learning how to forgive yourself and others. We will learn to become fully present to your inner emotional world and to life itself. 


In the second week, you will go into the mental realm where you will dive into the area of negative mind talk, clearing negative self-beliefs and disempowering vows you may have made subconsciously. You’ll be uncovering the ways in which you have mentally shut yourself down, embracing and clearing your deepest held fears and opening into a more wholesome way of befriending your minds.


Then in week three, you’re going to immerse yourself in the field of physical healing with powerful process work focused in the area of cellular healing, DNA cleansing, chakra clearing, even cleansing the coverings that sheathe our cells so we can open up to the life force, the prana, the healing grace which can allow our bodies and beings to heal fully. 

At the end of your three-week immersion in healing, you will feel healed, whole, and ready to dedicate the rest of your life to your own healing journey. 

Here are Brandon’s own words about the daily 15 minute sessions from the 1st session, which is available for free to you: 

“My prayer is that each day becomes a timeless time, a deep time of process work, guided introspection, and clearing meditation, a divine experiment. It's time to dive in. Having been immersed in this field for my entire adult life, one truth has become very clear to me. In order to heal, all parts of you need to be in agreement with and alignment with your prayer for healing, that you deserve to heal, that you are choosing to participate in your own healing journey. Your heart has to agree. Your mind has to agree. Your body has to agree, and also your being has to agree. Today we're doing a divine experiment, going on a mini journey, where you're going to let your body decide and get clear that it wants to participate in your healing journey. This process will allow your mind, your heart, your body, and your being to come into alignment with your prayer to heal your life. Let's begin.”

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